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MASSEMORD was created in 2002 by NIHIL and NAMTAR to spread anthems of hatred which forecast a collapse that has to come as self - destruction of mankind is inevitable. It took few months to gather degenerates ready to manifest their contempt and hatred towards values and forms of social life. SARS, VOLDTEKT and finally DARKSIDE - with his battery of superiority - strenghtened the core setting afire the old and corrupted order. Since first demo called "Another Holocaust Rises", through live material ("Silesian Fire") and last demo "Hatred Towards Mankind And Life Itself" until new opus called "Let The World Burn" which promo 2005 is an announcement of, MASSEMORD consequently follows the path of resist, under banner sewed with flames. Flames of destruction.
A message of no future...

We don't care about things that have passed and at the same time we don't care about future as there is none to come.
A day of tommorow is the day of no human as the other flame shall rise...

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