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MARIA CHUANA is a thrash metal band formed in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. The band has released four studio albums so far.
Maria Chuana band was formed in October 1992. The first known line-up was as follows: Bimbo (v), Sebo (g), Disi (b) and Maco (d). The band kept practising for the upcoming gigs from January to October 1992. The first ever gig in the band's history took place at Bunker Club, Banska Bystrica. More shows were played in November and December 1993.
Band played further shows in the January-July 1994 period with two newcomers in their line-up (the additional guitarists). The updated line-up was: Bimbo (v), Sebo (g), Disi (b), Maco (d), Piskot (g) and Mirik (g). The band called it a day in August 1994. One more show had been played in Slovenska Lupca just before the band was temporarily put on hold. Maria Chuana became active again same in the autumn same year. Jam sessions were held from October to December 1994 in Kacica garage with the new line-up in place: Otap (d), Piskot (g) and Radek (g).
Year 1995 saw the band with new members added to line-up, namely Bimbo (v) and Nechutas (b). Further rehearsals took place in the first half of 1995 and June saw the band playing a show at Nie Drogy Fest (No Drugs Fest). A video documentary material was recorded for VTV television. Various shows were played in the summer 1995 (July-September). Piskot parted ways with the band in 1995. Nechutas departed from the band in November 1995 and was swiftly replaced by Markus (b).
Preparations for the next release started in January 1996 and took about six months in the following line-up: Bimbo (v), Otap (d), Markus (b) and Radek (g). June finally saw the band releasing the first official album by Maria Chuana, namely Hashrock. Band members made promotional activities in the second half of the year 1997.
The newest release was first introduced to the public at the Arts Club, Banska Bystrica. Boys went on tour named Hash Tour from January 1997 onwards (for the next seven months). An audio session was recorded for the radio company Slovensky rozhlas in March 1997. The band went on display in July 1997 in Banska Bystrica at BB Rock Scene official display. A book was also published as a memorabilia of the display and a video documentary about the band carrying a name Maria Chuana-Hashrock was recorded too.
The band went on tour from January 1998 onwards till August. Band members focused on preparations for the next release after the tour itself. Boys found themselves in recording studio yet again. Recording sessions were booked for May and June 1999 at Sound Master studio in Ziar nad Hronom. HAPPY CREPPY is a name of live album in form of CD recorded at one of the live shows in June. Boys arranged number of activities for promotion of the Bullshit album in the second half of year 1999. More audio sessions were being recorded for the radio company Slovensky rozhlas in September. Those have never been finished though due to disagreements between the band members and management of the radio company.
Vodoholici song was featured on the chart of radio Rebeca for the next five rounds during November/December 1999.
February 2000 saw the band officially releasing the Bullshit album. It was first introduced to the public in Kelt Pub, Banska Bystrica. Band went on Bullshit Tour playing number of shows till September. Live video was recorded at Jim Beam Fest for the TV Luna television company. Band carried on touring in Czech Republic for the whole month in June and in January next year (2001) in Poland. It came to personal changes in the band's line-up. Both Radek and Markus parted ways with the band. Boys were replaced by Trotel (g) and Popic (b).
Radio Rebeca released a compilation SLOVACI NA NOHY vol.1 (Stand up Slovakians vol.1) and Maria Chuana was featured on it with its song Vlacek Motoracek. SLOVACI NA NOHY vol.3 was due to release in June the same year and the band was featured on it yet again with the song Vodoholici.
Rest of the year was spent planning and preparing for the upcoming record.
January 2002 saw the band playing shows in Poland with the new line up consisting of Bimbo (v), Otap (d), Popic (b) and Trotel (g). Further preparations and practising continued in February and March. Recording sessions were booked for April at Aries recording studio, Banska Bystrica. The third release was titled Mešuge. Album Mešuge was being promoted for the rest of the year with another change to the line-up which saw Popic departing from the band. Former bassist Markus joined the ranks. Maria Chuana was an official chart winner of the Bazina fanzine.
Year 2003 started with the band being busy touring in Poland with Popic back in the in the ranks.
Mešuge Tour consisted of about 30 live shows and finished in August. Video recording was made for the AZTV television company in February. Album was officially released and introduced to the public in March at Cerveny Rak (Red Cancer) club, Banska Bystrica.
Boys found themselves touring in Poland in December 2003/January 2004 without Trotel in the line-up. Trotel was replaced by a new guitarist Peter.
Year 2004 brought long preparations for the upcoming album. It was also a year of the greatest personal changes within the band. Popic left Maria Chuana in August. New bassist Bukelo joined the ranks. Peter followed Popic shortly after in August. Another guitarist Tomas became a new member but he was soon replaced by Mako in October.
Newest line-up consisting of Bimbo (v), Otap (d), Mako (g) and Bukelo (b) has also been the most current one till this day. Boys were getting everything ready for recording the fourth album throughout the year 2005. Band underwent preparations for the upcoming shows from June to September. A gig along with the Kabat band was played in August at BB Fest 2005 and boys also appeared on stage along with the legendary thrash metal band Kreator from Germany at More Than Fest in September.
Band members closed themselves in recording studio in order to record the newest record from March to May. Aries recording studio was booked for recording sessions again. Video material for the DVD was recorded too. The DVD contains three official video clips of Maria Chuana, namely for the Stupid U.S.A, Trip and Eridanus songs. Promotional activities took place in August and September. September saw a video program being recorded for the AZTV television company.
Fourth and also the most current album Eridani was introduced to the public in Irish Pub, Banska Bystrica in September too. DVD material Eridani was featured by TV Ocko television company (Czech Republic).
Band went on tour to Poland in January 2007. Several recensions on the Eridani album were published and or featured in various magazines (such as Payo, Whiplash, Metlapolis and many more). Band was featured on the Destroyer compilation in March and on the Headbang compilation in October. Boys played series of live shows named Eridani Tour SVK-CZE from June to October.
September 2007 saw the band celebrating 15 years of activity. Celebration took place in Klub 77, Banska Bystrica. Boys took the opportunity and recorded a live CD.
Eridani Tour continued with the number of shows throughout the year 2008. Band played shows along with the legendary bands Slayer and Kabat at Topfest 2008. Another live show along with Kabat was played at BB Fest 2008.
Bimbo, Otap, Mako and Bukelo are currently busy working on the fifth studio album that is expected to be released in autumn or winter this year.

Source : Juraj Maduda