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Lonewolf hails from Grenoble, south-east of france. Born in 93 and splitting up in 96, they never followed any trends since the beginning. Die hard maniacs of the 80's, allways true and loyal to simple and straight heavy metal, two productions remain of this first era:

"The calling", 5 tracks demo tape + intro, recorded in '94. (Line up: Jens: Guitar & vocals, Felix: Guitar, Roland: Bass, Walkyr, drums.)

"Holy Evil" 7", Two tracks + intro, recorded in '96. (Line up: Jens: Guitar & Vocals, Stefan: Lead guitar, Roland: Bass, Felix: Drums)

In 2000 Lonewolf started again - The second era began. The aim was the same than before: True metal and nothing else. An autoproduced cd saw the light the same year, entitled "March Into the Arena". Shortly after the spanish label Goimusic re-released it with one bonus track in 2001.

With this album in hands, Lonewolf became the first french band to play in greece (The "heavy metal holocaust" fest in athens) and opened for GRAVE DIGGER's first french live appearance.

In 2003, the second album saw the light. Called "Unholy Paradise", this album has unfortunately a very bad production, but nethertheless helped lonewolf to make a new step forward. The following years lonewolf played in germany, holland and some great gigs in france, sharing the stage with famous artists/bands like PAUL DI'ANNO, PARAGON, STEVE GRIMMET'S GRIM REAPER, DARK AGE, WIZARD, BATTLEROAR, NIGHTMARE, SACRED STEEL etc....

2004: It was time to thank the greek metalheads for the unbelivable support since years. This was done in a way of a new 7", called "Hellenic Warriors".

In 2007 Lonewolf entered the studio again to record the third album. Recorded in france at Microclimat studio by "Mitch", Lonewolf's sound engineer, mixing and mastering have been done in germany by Eike FREESE (DARK AGE) at Eike studio/Hamburg.

The new album is called "Made In Hell", a piece of raw, true & pure heavy metal. It's gonna be released a bit later than first announced, beginning of february '08 exactly, 'cause like allways there were some 'last minute problems". But who cares, the important thing is that this cd is the strongest release lonewolf ever made!!!!!!

Lonewolf is now supported & managed by the DRAGONIGHT AGENCY (Hail bart!!)

French distribution done by UNDERCLASS

French management: Les decibels

Source : www.myspace.com:metalonewolf