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Biography : Last Breath (CAN)

LAST BREATH was formed in 1988 by guitarists Patrice Moore and Simon Béliveau. In the first two years, the band did only two concerts because of musician changes. In 1990, François Rouillard (former bass player) and David Moore (drums) joined Last Breath.

From this moment, the group and its new members started to work seriously on a demo project. At the same time Last Breath was appearing regularly on stage. In August 1991, The band recorded Dimension O.D. with Pierre Rémillard at Peter Pan studio (Montreal). The six song cassette was launched on December 13, 1991.

In February 1993, Alexandre Lesiège replaced François Rouillard on bass. Nine months later, Simon Béliveau left and was replaced by Raphaël Dufresne on guitars. With this new blood flowing, the band did many concerts and worked on new material for a second recording. In the summer of 1994, the members of Last Breath went to Victor Studios (Montreal) to record the album Ashes to Ashes. Nine new songs were recorded with the same engineer, Pierre Rémillard, on cassette and compact disc. Ashes to Ashes is available in stores since December 1994 in Quebec. It was distributed by CARGO Records (Montreal).

During the summer of 2000, Last Breath produced three new songs on a demo entitled Bleed For Me. It was produced by Last Breath and recorded by Simon Béliveau (former guitarist). The demo was only available on CD-R and more than 250 copies were printed mainly for promotion.

Ashes to Ashes is still available for distribution and the band has made a new edition of the first demo, Dimension O.D. (1991), with a bonus track, written at the same time, new cover and this time on compact disc.

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