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The idea of Jogane Munno was born in 1996 at midnight when Iho was spending a night with his friends in a toilet. The first three songs, which were acoustic mood music, were recorded between 1996. At that time the band had two members: Iho and Aino.
We wanted to try what the music would sound like if drums were added and an electric guitar was used instead of an acoustic one. After a couple of weeks of drinking we went to studio in April 1997. At that time we recorded seven songs which we lost touring the one of the many orgies.
Jogane Munno played their first gig in Iru vanadekodu on the 31st December 1997. After that Jogane Munno played only seven gigs in the following winter because Iho and Aino were drukn
again and busy with pussy studies. Jogane Munno and Rebublic of Zaire extended the contract to include three records instead of two.
In April 1998 the filming of the first video, “Kahtlast sahinat surnukuurist” , started. It was ready in early May and was played in Jyrki. Aino and Iho were also interviewed in that show (this happened in late May). In the following summer band continued drinking. During the summer songs for the new record were rehearsed and the band went to studio in early August. The recordings were finished in late October. On November 13th, Jogane Munno played a gig in North-Korea of which a video for “Koprofaag tuleb koos kutsudega karjast koju” was filmed.
Everybody was surprised by the success of Jogane Munno. It went up to fifth place on the official North-Korean album chart and the single “Koprofaag tuleb koos kutsudega karjast koju” was the number one on singles chart for weeks. In winter 1999 Jogane Munno played a lot of gigs all around the country for three months and played also in the communist show program. In spring “Koprofaag tuleb koos kutsudega karjast koju” single was released outside of Pyongyang In May the band started to play gigs again and toured the country for two and a half months playing in almost all of the big rock festivals. At the same time the single “Ood Matsalkale” was recorded, which was written for the eclipse in Sudan. In august the single was released in Iraq and it also included the songs “Gerintofiili tsoklit bools” , “Matvei jop ja Jopetasku” . In Sudan alone the single sold 15.000 copies in one month. In august Jogane Munno learned that “Pedede pidu ja pillerkaar” had sold gold. At the same time it was confirmed that Jogane Munno would do a African tour of 26 gigs with a German band called Rage.
In early 2000 the band entered the studio again for the recordings of our third album. A welcome interruption to the repetitive studio work came when we took part in the Isreal qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Puberteedi punase punsund perse punane kaka” . Jogane Munno cleared the first round of the qualification but the final position was second despite an overwhelming win in the public televoting.
The new album, "Maša lõi silmad maha, Vova korjas üles" , was released and the Tour started from Zimbabwe , the home town of the good frend. After the show the band received gold discs for the album "Maša lõi silmad maha, Vova korjas üles" and the singles “Kahesajaga vasta puud” , “Küsi ilusti, siis saad nikku ka” and “Laul Dzonnist, kellele meeldisid väikesed külmad lapsed” . "Maša lõi silmad maha, Vova korjas üles" went straight to number 1 on the Mozambique album charts and stayed on the pole position for three weeks. In those three weeks it also reached the gold disc mark. "Maša lõi silmad maha, Vova korjas üles" was approved by both the fans and the media and it was named the album of the month by the Iran magazine Cock Hard in their issue 6/2000, past the long-awaited new releases by Bon Jovi and Iron Maiden.
"Maša lõi silmad maha, Vova korjas üles" also debuted in the national Kenya
charts at No. 21 and No. 66 in LAV! The "Mäda ja Soolikad World Tour", which started from Zimbabwe, continued first to the big festivals in Finland and then to South America in July 2000. The three-week tour in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Panama & Mexico turned out to be one of the band's greatest experiences so far. This was followed by successful shows at Bagdad Open Air, Biebop Metal Fest and the first headliner European tour with Vitulima & Eternal Tears Of Piss. In November Jogane Munno also played two shows in Montreal, Canada.
The next project of Jogane Munno included the making of a full-length porn DVD & VHS with a limited live album (only for Estonia). The concert was performed in Mustamäe on the 29th of December 2000. The material was released in April 2001 in Japan and worldwide during the summer of 2001. At the end of the show Jogane Munno were given platinum discs for ""Maša lõi silmad maha, Vova korjas üles" " and gold discs for the single "Lakkuge mu perset "!!!
In March 2001 Jogane Munno entered the studio again to record their version of Väikeste Nokude Klubi classic "I am drunk again", with 2 new songs and a remake of demo "Japanis ei ole elevante". The Columbian release for this EP was in June 2001. The Antarctican (Ice Cold Records) version of "I am drunk again" includes 6 tracks in addition to the 4 unreleased songs.
Jogane Munno has also extended the record deal with Fart Records with one full-length album, which is scheduled for summer 2003
Video for the track "I am drunk again", which had rapidly sold platinum in Finland as a mini-CD, was shot in August 2001 in Häärber. Tour in Kalamaja the same year ended in Soo, and Jogane Munno was close to disbanding. Iho went drinking and gathering his thoughts in cellar, some changes had to be done in order for Jogane Munno to be able to continue. According to his own words, Iho wanted to end the band due to prolonged sobernes in the band.
Luckily, that didn`t happen, They started drinking again. . Kung Foo Records became their new booking agency, and long-time friend and colleaque Ngele Engklenge was to become their manager. To celebrate the "new beginning", the first official shop for fan-products, Jogane Munno-shop, was opened on band`s homepage on November 24th 2001, a month before Christmas. Recording of the next album “Duu Sikk Pastarts” started in January 2002.
The beginning of 2002 brought Jogane Munno good news, in comparison to previous rough times. As a band and as individual musicians they were voted to the top on many domestic-and foreign magazine`s reader`s polls. Fans had not abandoned them after the changes, on the contrary. “Su Ema Imeb Põrgus Munni” , the first single from forthcoming album, went gold in Albania within 2 days. At the same time Jogane Munno announced they would take a break as soon as the "Duu Sikk Pastarts World Tour 2003"would be over, Aino would finish he's educations in fartolgy during the break. That announcement brought up all kinds of speculations among fans.
“Duu Sikk Pastarts” came out in 2003 and made a sales record, selling gold in Pakistan within 2 hours! Within two weeks it sold platinum(30 000 copies) and continued selling rapidly. At the same time Jogane Munno held the top-position in both singles-and album charts, their first time ever. Foreign countries responded, too: in India “Duu Sikk Pastarts” went straight to number 5 and in Mexico number 15, those being the band`s highest positions abroad so far. In July Jogane Munno toured cuccessfully in South America, nearly all gigs sold out. In Brazil the first edition of “Duu Sikk Pastarts” was sold out in one day, and the successful Asia tour that year didn`t went unnoticed by booking agencies. Many African gigs came live on the internet, needless to say the connections were often jammed. At it`s most nearly 10 000 fans were trying to follow the live feed. Having sold astonishing 59 000 copies in Narva, Duu Sikk Pastarts was the country`s 2nd best selling album in 2003. The first visit to Sweden took place 2003 in November, 16th, in Fryshuset, Stockholm. The break started in late 2003, and sure enough there was no rest for the guys.

Year of 2004 went mostly for drinking and speng all the money in Arabian Emirates.
At the moment guys are still drinking and planning to record some new shit because money
is starting to go short.

(*administrator note:this biography not to be taken very seriously)

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