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Biography : Jesus Anal Penetration

Jesus Anal Penetration is an aggressive form of death metal best described as "Anti-Christian Assault Metal", an aural assault on morality and a clarification for a pathetic mindless religion.

Jesus Anal Penetration today consists of Trigger Finger Trav (a founding member) on guitar, 6 Pack Jak on vokills, Bloodless Brandon on bass, and Nick 666 on drums.

Although they clearly dislike religion, their form of expression is a far more humorous approach than others. With song titles like, Jehovah Run Over, Evil Beatings, Force-fed Holy Bullshit and Ave Rectum Rectory they showcase their satirically sinister history. These themes continue into their live act, as they incorporate and captivate their audiences with creations such as the Cruciphallix. As a live act they are nothing short of entertaining, with sheer aggression and black humor leaving most with a recurring chuckle.

Jesus Anal Penetration's most recent release, a split CD (w/ Oni), has been repressed twice due to high demand bringing the total no. of copies pressed to 1,500. A full length, "Axe-periment in Religion", is set to be unleashed around xmas 2002. Other merchandise includes; beer coolers (only available at shows), several different t-shirt prints that proved to be remarkably popular), a sold out seven inch, and the mandatory demo tape. Jesus Anal Penetration have taken their anti-christian.assault metal to Melbourne and Canberra on various occasions, their shows (both interstate and locally) always incite furious fits of headbanging, as they spread the gospel of metal! Presently, the maniacs - who are every church choir's nightmare, are writing fresh material for 2003s follow up to "Axe-periment in Religion". Some song titles include the already tried live "Jehovah Run Over", "Ave Rectum Rectory" and "Prosthetic Masturbation".

BE WARNED... not even the Messiah himself is safe in Heaven!