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The story of Isengard starts in a small town called Vikingstad, two miles outside the city of Linköping. 1986 in the Tillman family, younger brother Janne bought a guitar from a friend. The older brother Uffe already played drums since a couple of years, and the two brothers talk about starting a band. Two years later (-88) Uffe leaves his band Desire to join another local band called Eternity´s End. The problem is that they don´t have a bass player, so Janne joins the band.

The line-up holds for just four months, and after the breakup the two brothers Uffe & Janne start up Isengard (November-88). In October -91 a new guitarist, Ronnie Andréson joins the band. Songs like Caught by fire and Atomic Winter see the light. In may -92 singer Anders "Gurra" Gustavsson joins the group and the first Isengard demo is recorded. The four tracks recorded In GUJA Studios are Atomic Winter, Fighting to be free, Caught by fire and Winds of Odin.

In September the singer "Gurra" leaves the band and Ronnie takes over the singing. In May -93 the three guys sign a contract with a Danish company called Bums Records. The three members of Isengard go to Krajbjerg Studios outside Århus-Denmark, to record the album Feel No Fear. The album was produced by Isengard and Kurt Poulsen. But when the album Feel No Fear was ready for release, Bums Records was bankrupted.

After many turns and almost half a year Bums Records is reborn as Eurisko Music Productions. Feel No Fear was released in August -94 with the comments "-We can´t work with people who always try to go behind our backs!!". In April -94 Isengard entered Studio Skyline in Eskilstuna to record a couple of tracks for promotion. At first, Ronnie did all of the vocals, but later Isengard decided to try something new. Odin, who sang backing vocals at the -92 demo, was asked to sing on this recording and he did.

In -94 Isengard recorded one track for a compilation album, the track was The losing of a lost paradise. Unfortunately Uffe hurt his knee just before this recording, so he was replaced by a drum machine.

The promotion album Under The Dragons Wing was released August -95, almost a year after the debut album Feel No Fear.

And the Under The Dragons Wing sold very very good in local areas. And it start to give Isengard a name outside Sweden. In December - 95, the Japanese production company Super stop inc. made contact with Isengard. And in August -96 the record Enter The Dragon Empire was released.(Swedish release November -96 ).

The Enter The Dragon Empire album got very good publishing in metal news magazines especially in south Europe. In Metal hammer & Heavy Metal from Greece (also see reviews section). A lot of fanzines all over the world also got a good eye to Isengard. Next problem for Isengard is as so many times before the singer. Odin feels that he after the Enter The Dragon Empire is tired of playing power metal and he decides to retire.

Next project for Isengard is a track for an collection album called Environmental. The singer this time is borrowed from the AC/DC cover band Sleazy DC. He's name is Tommy Adolfsson and got a voice like a chainsaw. The song The tale of the dying mermaid was recorded in GUJA studio at April -97. Isengard´s first attempt to do a video came when The tale of the dying mermaid was released, but even if the result was not satisfying the guys in Isengard had a very good time.

In February -98 , finally Isengard have found a new singer. A young guy called Linus Melchoirsen. Linus first job will be to record two tracks for a new compilation album on the new metal label Loud N´ Proud Records. The old track Guardians (The king will return ) and a new song called Praise the lord will be the songs on this compilation.

The recording of Crownless Majesty was taken place in the famous Thunderload studio, with Ragne and Styrbjörn Wahlquist sa technician and producer.
- We had a great time in the studio together with these two cult figures says Linus

Crownless Majesty was for Isengard the strongest and heaviest album ever. Fast and heavy songs combined with strong power ballads. Many different instruments were used to create the right atmosphere of medieval times.

After the release Isengard did a few gigs then they trapped down. Linus were leaving for a solo project, and Goat had the opportunity to become a happy father. Family situation was also change for Uffe. During this time Isengard were put on ice without really got their chance with their best album so far: Crownless Majesty.

In the middle of 2003 Ronnie and Uffe started to talk about wakening Isengard.

Goat was now announcing that he not want to start another project with Isengard. He had once again become a father and he did not have time for Isengard.

-After all these years of playing together with Goat it's a great loss for me as the guitar player to find someone else that almost played what i wanted before i even told him, and as a highly skilled composer I sure will miss him but there is a time when you have to let the personal life take the first place in life. Good luck to your future plans and you know that you always will be a part of Isengard says Ronnie Andréson.

It was time to look for new members to the group. First thing was bassplayer. In april of 2004 we found Ted Lundin and shortly after that also Peo Lövholm (that had been the choir-conductor for the recording of Crownless Majesty) to take the part as the keyboard player.

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