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Brutal and pulverizing Thrash/Death metal band extolling the time honored virtues of death, destruction and warfare within a musical front. Invasion have launched a precise tactical strike against the complacent metal scene by unleashing a furious devastating bombardment with their albums "Conquered" and "Berserk Artillery Barrage". Invasion is comprised of Phlegm - Guitarist/throat slasher vocalist and original founder of this chaotic war driven machine, Warbastard - Blower Bassist, Crusader - Hate fueled drum attack specialist and Nifelhenious - Flaming leads of death.
Originally formed in the fall of 1989, Phlegm and Invasion found all efforts to advance their "Live Barrage" locked in a furious battle with lineup changes and limited rehearsal spots thus leading to the bands demise by the following summer. Lying dormant for almost 7 years Phlegm enlisted the services of Crusader and decided to abandon their current projects and again concentrate on Invasion. After contacting Warbastard for the blower bass sound Tyrant was enlisted to replace the MIA guitarist "KC". The plans for attack had now begun.
The invasion sound is immense. Combining the vicious attack of late 80's/early 90's Scandinavian guitar crunch with razor sharp hate-filled vocals, unrelenting drum attacks and bludgeoning guitar tones mixed with straight forward face ripping riffs comprise the sounds of war.
After releasing their debut CD "Conquered" on The Plague (Hammerheart) in 1999 Invasion decided to leave this label and seek out a new formidable ally with Forever Underground Records. That alliance had forged Invasions second release "Berserk Artillery Barrage" in 2002 & was cast onto an unsuspecting pubic like a fragmentation grenade!!! In 2003 original drummer Crusader left the band along with Tyrant & the initial recordings for 3rd album were left in the studio. Finally, in 2007 Crusader returned with War Bastard in tow and the assault begins again!! With the loss of guitarist Tyrant & the addition of CANNON's Nifelhenious Invasion are gearing up for a 2010 release to be recorded at B & B Studios in La Porte, Indiana. The assault begins again!! Be prepared for total war!

Source : http://www.myspace.com/saturationbombing