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Biography : Inhumate

In September 1990 Fred (bass player) was moving to a city in the North East of France called Strasbourg. Arriving there he wanted to put up a death metal band so he searched and found a vocalist : Olivier. This one called a friend of him David (guitar) and they fast found a drummer called Stephane. INHUMATE was born. This line up stayed stable for about one year, after that Stephane and Olivier left the band and were replaced by Valentin and Sebastien. Those new members were totally dedicated to the grind core scene, INHUMATE became to play faster and from death metal jumped into the death grind scene. With this line up INHUMATE recorded in 1993 its first demo “Abstract Suffering” (4 tracks). In 1994 drummer and vocalist left the band again and in October 1994 INHUMATE had its definitive and ultimate line up with the arrival of Christophe on vocals and Yannick on drums. This time INHUMATE jumped from the death grind scene to the grind death scene, playing faster and slowly understanding that sickness was law !!! In May 1995 the second demo was recorded “Grind Your Soul” (7 tracks). In September 1996 was recorded the first full length CD “Internal Life” (18 tracks), in November 1997 was recorded the second full length album “Ex-Pulsion” (13 + 1 tracks), in June 2000 was recorded the third full length album “Growth” (17 tracks). In February 2004 INHUMATE has unleashed its fourth album “Life”. During its Life, INHUMATE played (in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria and Czech Republic) with bands like AGATHOCLES, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CRYPTOPSY, IMMOLATION, SEPULTURA, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, NILE, SIX FEET UNDER, UNHOLY GRAVE, VADER, and much more.