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HorseFace is an Alternative Metal Band from The Finger Lakes, New York region. HorseFace began in late 2006. The band consists of vocalist and bass guitar player Jesse Halstead, guitar player John Halstead, and drummer Jack Halstead. Jack Halstead had been in several Rochester based bands in the past, such as White Noise, Android, Sacred Star, and Axis. When the brothers were having trouble finding a proficient drummer, their father Jack, who had taken a 20 year hiatus from the drums, elected to join the band. Seeking a second guitar player to provide a more full sound, HorseFace has seen several rhythm players, such as Kyle Connors (2007) Nick Madia (2008) Zach Burnett (2008-2010) and Sean Augustus (2010-Present) Since then, the group has been an active act in the Canandaigua and Rochester areas. Having played in venues all across New York State, HorseFace has appeared predominately in Canandaigua venues such as All Things Art and the Fuul Music Hall and in popular Rochester venues such as the Penny Arcade, The Montage Music Hall, The Waterstreet Music Hall, The Bug Jar, and The California Brewhaus. HorseFace uses industry standard names such as Fender, Ampeg, Hofner, Gibson, Ibanez, Ddrum and Marshall to fortify their professional reputation. Sporting a full length album entitled "The Horsafix" available on iTunes and other retail locations, several selections from the album have been extensively featured on the radio, most notably "Slumber" and "Crazy". HorseFace also has many popular cover songs in their catalogue, including, but my no means limited to "Brain Stew" by Green Day, "Breed" by Nirvana, "Blood in Alphabet Soup" by Marcy Playground and an impressive medely comprised of the four Black Sabbath songs "Black Sabbath" "War Pigs" "N.I.B." and "Paranoid." HorseFace is currently writing for a second full-length album and preparing for another year of successful gigging.

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