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Биография : Hirax

For the people who don't know who Hirax is, welcome to the show.

You're a little late, the band started in the early 80s and today still features original vocalist - Katon W. DePena, along with Roberto Carrerro (ex-Barbaric) - lead guitars, Glenn Rogers (ex-Deliverance) - lead guitars, Mike Brickman (ex- TChildress) - bass and Jorge Iacobellis - drums.

Hirax has played the Los Angeles/Orange County/Bay Area club circuit along with the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Possessed, DRI, Megadeth, Venom, Exciter, C.O.C., Dayglo Abortions, Reagan's Youth, Death Angel, Final Conflict, Excel, Dark Angel, Cryptic Slaughter, Dr Know, Testament and many, many, many more bands in the underground world. Leaders of a movement known as Thrash Metal Crossover music. Speed Metal, Power Metal, Crustcore, Power Violence, Heavy Metal and Punk...Hirax stays true to their beliefs!

Hirax is known all over the world with records released in Malaysia, Indonesia, U.S.A., South America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Europe .

Their legions are die hard and MANY!! The Hirax army marches on!!! Hirax records released on Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner Records - Raging Violence, 1985/Hate, Fear And Power, 1986/Not Dead Yet CD,1987 and Angelican Scrape Attic compilation 1985 on Earache Records, UK. are out of print and very rare…good luck finding them. Current Hirax titles available NOW through - Black Devil Records/Deep Six Records are “Barrage Of Noise” 2001, “El Diablo Negro” 2000 and “Blasted In Bangkok” 1987.

Also available PHANTASM “Wreckage” 1987 featuring Hirax vocalist Katon, Ron McGovney - the original bassist for Metallica, and Gene Hoglan drums ex- Death, Testament, Dark Angel and now with Strapping Young Lad.

It's because of all of the fans world wide that the spirit of Hirax is alive! The hardcore cult following is the reason that the band is still on the road, going strong, touring worldwide in a town near you!