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Biografie : Hatred Angel

HATRED ANGEL was formed by Nob (main composer, guitar, and vocal) and Kazma on drums. Nob composed original songs when he started playing the guitar. Kazma started playing the drums influenced by X JAPAN.
ARCH ANGEL, the melodic hard rock band originally formed by Nob, Kazma, and their friends, gained speed and distortions in their rehearsals.

One day, Nob was completely fascinated by ARCH ENEMY, bought their gig ticket (He got just two days after he knew them!), that band became a huge influence for him. Though members changed so many times, Nob and Kazma made their own style.
Then Nob and Kazma often talked about the “fastest band”. They bought some CDs like SLAYER, AT THE GATES, NAPALM DEATH etc…, discussed “What is the fastest?”
(I don’t know who wins, make your winner. Entry band: SLAYER, AT THE GATES, NAPALM DEATH, ORIGIN, HATE ETERNAL, DARK FUNERAL, MORBID ANGEL, SATYRICON, GOD DETHRONED, many more extreme bands….)
Nob and Kazma were knocked out by extreme bands, and decide their way as their maestro did. (Around then Kazma started to play blast beats.) They made faster deathrash songs, with evil-metallic, beautiful melody.
Scape Goat, one of the earliest tunes as HATRED ANGEL, was made then.

In making their style, Gettyu(=Get You), former front-screamer, had an important role(he almost could not sing ordinary songs, and he was fascinated by Cthulhu Mythos in his teenage school life. He liked primitive black metal like DARKTHRONE, CARPATHIAN FOREST, etc… because he didn’t like “clean, and soft music”. His extreme attitude made lyrics dark, and mysterious. The evil world of HATRED ANGEL, re-named because ARCH ANGEL is a particular christian “Angel”, was completely formed then.

Lineup: Gettyu – Voice, Nob – Guitar, Taito – Bass, Kazma – Battery

This line-up seemed to be eternal, but Taito(Bass) suddenly left. Nob decided to keep playing without the low end, and they continued to play some gigs. In this time, HATRED ANGEL had a gig with JUNXION. They recorded some demo songs, rehearsing again and again.
Now, those recorded songs were played as No Eternity, I Don’t Wanna Die….
After recording a demo CD, Manabu, a friend who had a solo noise-grindcore project, joined the band as a bass player. But after these four line-ups had several gigs, Gettyu had to retire from the band because of the need to study for high grade university. After Gettyu said goodbye, Manabu decided to growl besides playing bass.
These line-up started using corpse painting.

The three ANGELs took their steps to the most extreme in their history. Hemispherical Schizoid Side of Malignity was completed around this time.
In this time, Taito, the missing bassist, joined again. But after some gigs, he left once again.
Then, Manabu decided to say goodbye, and HATRED ANGEL seemed to be sleeping….

Nob decided to re-activate HATRED ANGEL in Tokyo because Nagano, their hometown, had few extreme metal bands.
Nob, guitar and voice, Kazma, drums, and Naomi, bass (one of their friends and supporte) started playing gigs in Tokyo in 2007.

Now their lyrics are written by Nob, and different from the previous works. He writes about “Love”, between mother and child, or imaginary lovers.
This comes from his own background(he worked as a kindergarten teacher). “Death” or “War”, often used as a theme for the lyrics, he does as “sadness of family torn by death”, or “something creating tragedy”. He hopes for a peaceful world fulfilled with Love.

Their implementatio of melody never changes. Nob makes melody and phrases by piano. It enables him to be more flexible than playing the guitar. Kazma and Naomi’s thrashy-rhythms and Nob’s melody create HATRED ANGEL’s “Happy” world. Source : Official MySpace