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Hak-Ed Damm is the Hebrew name for a place in Jerusalem associated with Judas Iscariot, one of the followers of Jesus. In Old-Hebrew, Hak-Ed Damm signifies "field of blood". The earth in this area is of rich clay and was formerly used by potters. For this reason it was formerly known as the Potter's Field. The clay had a strong red color, which may be the origin of the modern name. More recently it was used as a burial place for non-Jews. It was used for this purpose up to the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Christian tradition connects it with the death of Judas Iscariot, who is supposed to have bought it with the money he received for betraying Jesus. In account Judas fell over in this field in such a way that his intestines burst out and he died. This would imply that the name refers to the blood of Judas. In another version Judas hanged himself after returning the money to the Temple authorities, who then used the money to buy the field called the Potter's Field, which was then used as a burial place for foreigners. Here the implication is that the name refers either to the blood of the buried or the blood of Judas.

Hak-Ed Damm was born from Hell's flames, lacrymal smoke and howls of war. When ZoKvisT renewed contact with an old friend Silencer. Having brutal music as common points, they decided to create a noisy machine of war. They joined together different ideologies, as much the Suicide, Religion, war, violence, physical and mental torture and especially sex. VikkeR appeared as guitar player and ZurhosiS as bass player.
HAK-ED DAMM is a mixture of Suicide, Hate, Torture, War, Anti-Religion, Sex and as well Blood... Telling the effects on the humanity,by the atomic, biological and psychological wars. The torture imposed to soldiers enemies in greatest detail.. Impure slaughters by the tanks. Kicking away a Black Tortured Metal, wearing out hatred and agony shouts.

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