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Biography : Grimforst (AUT-1)

The band started in 1994 under the name "Dark Servant" and changed name into "Grimforst" in 1997 !

From 1994-2006, it was an one-man-band. 2006 join Mortiferia as an bass player, doing female vocals and writing lyrics.

The first demo "Woelfenwald" was an unreleased demo. But it will be re-released in 2008 with new sound, because everyone told me that the music on it is fuckin great stuff !!

"Totentanz is also an unreleased demo, but it will be re-released with new cover (?) very soon !

A next demo will be ready in late 2008 or 2009 and is called "Rauhnacht". It will be an promo CD for some Labels and includes 6-8 Songs with stuff from 1997-2008.

Source : by Bandmember