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Duke Satanael founded GODKILLER as a one-man-band in May 1994. He is in charge of all compositions and instrumental performances on the recordings.
The first demo "Ad majorem Satanae gloriam" was released in December 1994, mainly influenced by old thrash bands like Slayer, Sodom, Destruction. A bigger step was taken with the release of the second demo, " The Warlord ": a black metal assault devoted to the Middle Ages. Over 400 copies of that demo were sold worldwide. At the beginning of 1996 GODKILLER was signed by WOUNDED LOVE RECORDS, and brought out the first CD in October then, a mini-album titled "The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages". This sold nearly 5,000 units: a great result considering that Godkiller was still quite unknown and that it was only a 5 tracks recording.
Hystory leads us then to Spring 1998, when The Duke entered The Frozen Citadel studio to record his first full length album " The End Of The World ". Just after the recordings, Duke was joined by session musicians who will allow to bring the album on the road in live situations.

(Source: Avantgarde Music)