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A New Age is Upon Us

Terror surrounds all of us. The black crows utter one last macabre wail before a new age of death is plagued upon the tyrant's soul.

This is Glorious Death, a black metal band hailing out of heartland of America, attacking those who oppress the dark ones stirring up trouble for those who refuse to give in. We are black metal masters, our music filled with passion, evil and an undying anger.

To those with the weak souls or undeveloped conscience: cover your eyes and ears. You never know where we will strike next.

This is Glorious Death.

Glorious Death was formed in 2004 by guitarist Mike McKeown in St. Louis, Missouri. The bands first demo, "Die a Glorious Death" was released in October 2004, with only two tracks. The demo had strong black metal influences, with an unusual focus on the bass guitar. The band switched to a more standard metal sound for their first full length release, "Devolution."

Returning in 2005 for "The Principles Of Evil" EP, Glorious Death, at this point entirely the work of Mike McKeown, showed the strongest black metal influences yet, but was rushed in recording and production.

On September 30th, 2006, Glorious Death will release the "Evolution" EP, correcting the mistakes of the last EP and showing a stronger focus on symphonic elements and overall composition, rather than being a guitar focused project. The album will feature the first samplings of vocals as well as a larger focus on production and an overall theme to the album.

Within a few months of their new EP the band will release "The Dawn Of Darkness," their second full lenght album. This album will the the first release by Glorious Death to have a noticeable role by other musicians. With the darkest sounds yet and the most complicated composition and production yet, the band will surely impress the evil ones and fuel a fire of fury the world has never seen.

Album Lineups

(D)Evolution (2004)

Mike McKeown - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Production
Doug - Guitars, Production Assitance

The Principles Of Evil EP (2005)

Mike McKeown - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Production
Merlin - Production, Keyboards

The Curse Of Evolution EP (2006)

Mike McKeown - Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Production

The Dawn Of Darkness (2007)

Mike McKeown - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Production, Backup Vocals

Winston - Drums, Vocals

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