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Biography : Ghosts Of Lemuria

Ghosts of Lemuria first came together on November 15,2003 in San Jose, CA and was the brainchild of musician Fernando Gallegos. The band has gone through various transitions in members and through variations in musical endeavors but as of now this band is now best left as a solo project. Perhaps when the time is right again this band might play some shows again, but until then the band will be on a temporary hiatus.

Lets get one thing straight, this is a Epic Folk Metal band. In our music we try give the listeners a sense of mystical presence and old sacred traditions from legends, mythology, history,etc . Our music deals with the roots of all music, the most primitive concepts all of which were destroyed by the coming of Christianity. The past must be held sacred as for it is the key to unlocking the future. And the music from early, more 'primitive' cultures must be preserved. These are our roots. Lemuria is symbolic of from where everything began.

Behind the name-Lemuria was an ancient civilization and continent which was destroyed by a great disaster. They were rumored to posses great abilities beyond that of man. Along with Atlantis their existence is yet to be acknowledged. Some Lemurians fled before the continent sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, they fled to the most east of the continent which is known as the California of today. The Lemurians found sanctum in the highest point- Mount Shasta. There are many legends, discoveries, and scientific studies done regarding the lost people of Lemuria. To this day the scientific community is in heated debate to find a conclusion.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/ghostsoflemuria