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Gallhammer is a Japanese extreme metal group that draws on black metal, doom metal, and crust punk. They formed in Tokyo in 2003. All of the members are female, which is rare in their genre.

“ I can say that raw feelings make a good sound. Because we are not machine. We could shed blood, could vomit and have feeling of hate. ... I wanted to express the mental instability and mental cruelty which a girl has. Now we are holding up pride, hate and life in the front. We are not wearing that dress. - Vivian Slaughter.
Their first recording, a free demo tape limited to 30 copies, was distributed at their first gig at Koiwa Death Fest Vol.2, around March 2003, in Japan. In July of the same year, the self-titled demo album was released. By April of the following year, they had released another demo album, Endless Nauseous Days, and were working towards their debut full-length CD. The 8-track album, entitled Gloomy Lights, was released in November 2004 through Hello From The Gutter Records.

In January 2006, Gallhammer was signed to Peaceville Records, on the recommendation of Darkthrone. A CD/DVD pack, entitled The Dawn of..., was released, containing a CD, demo and rehearsal footage, and a DVD recording of Gallhammer performing in Okayama and five concerts in Tokyo.

Gallhammer released their second full-length album, Ill Innocence, through Peaceville Records in September 2007, followed by a European tour. In March 2008, they did a second European tour. They also played at the Inferno Metal Festival in June.

In an interview with Contraband Candy, Vivian Slaughter cited Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Amebix and Burzum as Gallhammer's main musical influences. Slaughter is also a passionate fan of Judas Priest, and appreciates Corrupted.[5] While the group borrows from crust and anarcho-punk, they do not identify with a particular political outlook. She says she was first inspired to play music after seeing Napalm Death and Painkiller in concert. Other influences include Joy Division, Antisect, Carcass, Cathedral, Morbid Angel, and Scorn. Risa Reaper is a fan of old school techno, Kraftwerk, Krautrock, and Laibach. The group is also inspired by Japanoise and have collaborated with Incapacitants.

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