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Biografia : Gaia Fallen

Formed in July 2004, Gaia Fallen started as three guys in a basement looking to make music. The line up consisted of Rob Revnic on drums, Dave Bauer on bass, and James Zedd on guitar, with aspirations to eventually add vocals. After months of practice, flaws, and trips to Burger King, the band began to take shape, covering such songs as Slayer's "Manditory Suicide" and Judas Preist's "Breaking the Law." Talks of a band name were always thrown out for suggestion, but an agreement between the three could never be reached. After months of practice in the basement, the band decided to take it a step further, and practice on a more fixed schedule and in a better location. In March 2005, the jam space was relocated into the garage of a close friend of the band, where everyone was allowed a lot more creative freedom without having to deal with the restrictions of limited space and the complaints of disproving parents. Eventually, after the ideas for a few original songs and lot's of practice time, the name "Gaia Fallen" was agreed upon by all members, and since, the band has continued to give it meaning through it's sound, lyrics, and overall outlook on life. Now, with a band name, practice schedule, and hopes for a great future in music, Gaia Fallen continues to move forward in their conquest to push themselves to the limits and create something exciting, passionate, and fulfilling to their audience.

Taken from http://www.gaiafallen.com/bandbiography.htm