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logo From Hell (ESP)

Biography : From Hell (ESP)Edit
From Hell (ESP)From Hell emerges from the ashes of an ancient group called Odeon. "In summer 2007 the idea began to plan the group but not until October that are local to rehearse. The project started with just four members: David "Kayin"a vocals,Edgar " Eddy"on bass ,Tony " Mestre"on guitar and Jan on drums. Seeing the lack of firepower on the sound of the band the group decides to find another guitarist. After trying severalFrom Hell (ESP), decide to go with the four original members. But in June Sergi "Seek and Destroy" joined the band giving more harmony and power to the band's songs. In mid-July into the studio "Reigbord studies " Constantí to record what will be their first demo containing 4 tracks. This model is not finalized until mid-2009. From Hell is currently working on new songs and looking for gigs in different places to make themselves known.

Source : myspace.com

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