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Biography : Estatic Fear

Estatic Fear was founded in the year 1994 with the intent to combine both classical Melodies and traditional Gothic/Doom Licks in an instrumental mixture of lute, flute, piano and cello apart from the common Bride - Solo - Refrain Structures. This led to the debutalbum "SOMMNIUM OBMUTUM" which was widely observed with interests .
After nearly 3 years , Kogler Matthias (who formally acted under the pseudonym "CALIX MISERIEA") recorded (after parting from the other band members) the second Album "A Sombre Dance".
Similar to the first album, but based on delicate structures and melodies it could be described best as a journey into the thoughts of the composer, following his emotional windings both in a musical and lyrical way. One might sense a kind of sorrow shining through the whole Album, but it never changes to pitch black desperation, rather smothering the cries too long suppressed to bear, wrapping them with the unresistable power of lonesome melochaly in a veil of foregiveness.

(Source: CCP Records)