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Biography : Ebonsight

First turkish black metal band exclusively formed by women. Initially started as a duo in 1991 (by Damia and Ebru). After going through the usual lineup changes (and Danger because many people have been killed who don't believe in god in their country), they released their first demo in 1994's Summer, “Ocean Ebon”, with 700 distributed copies.

And they were brave enough to stroll their Profane Black Metal in through their country, Turkey ("We never want to be seen as fucking chicks, we just want to be known with our music always staying brutal, pure and unholy..”).

After publishing their second demo “As the River Runs Through the Pain”, they moved to the United Kingdom in 1995.

They signed a record contract with Woodnymph Recs, but in 1997 their bassist decided to quit and the record label disappeared. These where enough reasons for Ebonsight to decide to end his career (...)

These dark entities were planning on moving to England and has not been heard from since... until their Myspace announced new Materials for 2010 ("Apparitions" Demo coming soon).

Source : http://www.metaladies.com / http://www.angelfire.com (Medley)