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Drearylands rose up in the middle of 1999, when Louis (drums), Leo 'Lion' Leão (voice), Jason Bittencourt (guitar) and Rick Iglesias (bass guitar) decided to leave their former band, Shadows, and start a new musical project.

After some concerts, with Rafael Pires on the second guitar, Drearylands entered the studio to produce their first album. During the record sessions, they met the guitarist Patrick Amorim, who joined the group.

On July 2000, the first anniversary of the band was celebrated with the release of "Some Dreary Songs and other tunes from the shadows", by the label Maniac Records, jointly with Na Mosca Records and Mandrahgora, the band's own production bureau.

With the debut CD getting great reviews in the metallic press, Drearylands began to spread their name around the world.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the third millennium was a kind of purgatory to Drearylands. While the first season of concerts in Europe was scheduled to September 2001, Rick Iglesias left the band. Few weeks later, when they found a new bassist, Angelo Falcão, both guitar players departed from the band due to musical disagreements.

As the European tour was cancelled, Drearylands got two new guitarists, Rafael Syade and Páris Menescal, and started to work on new songs.
But, owing to all the troubles, and in spite of the new line up was doing well, the original members, Louis and Lion, decided to give the band a stop, on January 2002.

Back From The Ashes

Nevertheless, the will to keep the dreary sound alive was stronger. So, on October of the same year, Leo 'Lion' Leão, Páris Menescal, Rafael Syade and Louis joined again as Drearylands, this time with the bass player Marcos Cazé.

Gathering strength to the new beginning, they started to write new songs and, on February 2003, recorded a promotional virtual-CD, named "From The Ashes", containing two new tunes, which were distributed only by Internet.

Binding itself to get back to the point where everything has stopped and go further, the band spent the year doing as many concerts as possible, only interrupting the sequence of shows to produce the new album.

On November, Drearylands finally released their second effort, "Heliopolis or just another dreary season", again by the label Maniac Records in association with Mandrahgora.

Now in 2004, while the band gets the first responses to the advertising and distribution of the CD, a new season of concerts is being scheduled to the next months.

Besides, Drearylands are increasing your contacts and deals, trying to spread your music all over the world. And this is the actual chapter to be continued.

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