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Forming in spring of 2005, Diminished started in the minds of Michael Pinkard and Danny A. Balle in an art class at Sam Rayburn. Later that August they pick up a drummer by the name of Ceaser Martinez who would complete the band. The trio would fluctuate members on guitar and bass like Marc Steubing and Josh Raught. In the fall of 2007, Diminished added Marcus Gonzales on bass and in the summer of 2008 had a full line up with Bill Solis on rhythm guitar. In December 2008, Edward Martinez would replace Bill on guitar. February 19, 2010 Diminished released their debut album “Chainsaw Cunt” off of Sevared Records. Shortly after their first release, both Edward and Cesar were detached from the Diminished fold in the spring of 2010. Aaron Romo would replace Ceaser on drums. In June, Christopher Cropper join Diminished in the middle of making their second album "Rectal Torment" which was released December 9, 2010 to play bass. Marcus would play guitar for the remainder of the year. The start of 2011 more line up changes came as Christoper and Marcus was no longer part of the fold and Jose Vidal joined.

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