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Formed in the mid 80's Deliverance finally made their self-titled breakthrough album in 1989. A year later they made their most popular album and the one that many fans consider to be their best, "Weapons of Our Warfare". The band had a successful video on MTV for a while with the single "Weapons of Our Warfare". One year later (and after some lineup changes) the band released "What a Joke". The cd was almost like a joke because there was even a song where the lyrics were about making Chipped Beef set to a thrash metal music background. Over all the cd is still really good metal. The band also put out "Stay Of Execution" in 1992, "Learn" in 1993, "River Disturbance" in 1994, and "Camelot In Smithereens" in 1995. the band broke up in late 1995. In 2001 they came back together to make the album "Assimilation". They went on tour for a year before finally breaking up again in 2002.

However! Deliverance CANNOT be kept down! Deliverance has recently gotten back together and have done a few shows. They are preparing to start recording a new album this next year (2007)! We all cannot wait for this new album by the Big-D!!! Faster For The Master!

And above all, Keep the Metal Faith!!!

Source : http://www.myspace.com/heavymetalDeliverance