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Deinonychus is in no means a band like others. Sofar there haven't been given any objective comparisons with other bands, mainly due the unique vocals derived in this band. Though this band started off as a blackmetal band in Autumn 1992, over the years Deinonychus established themselves as a doom/death band with as main ingredient; melancholy. The lyrics mainly deal with lifeless philosophy as of cynically said….
Deinonychus started to get shape, back in Autumn 1992 as a one-man outfit, created by the Dutch Marco Kehren, who had came from the Dutch blackmetal band MALEFIC OATH with whom he did one demo; called "The land where evil dwells".

Deinonychus reasoned to exist out of self-explorement, a first demo simply entitled as "Promo 1993" got released in october 1993; five month's before the first and only rehearsal "A shining blaze over darkland". In March 1994 the band got signed with Cacophonous records from the UK, and recorded their first album "The silence of december" in August 1994. Nevertheless, due several delays, the album got released in May 1995. This album showed a progression away from traditional blackmetal, into a mix of black/doom metal with extreme vocals. After the succesfull release of the first album; Deinonychus recorded a second album for cacophonous Records in February 1996; called "The weeping of a thousand years", which had been released in July 1996. This album could be seen as a mix of black/death/gothic metal with a very emotional touch. Unfortunately, any promotion for this album failed to happen by Cacophonous Records, which resulted in a split between the band and the label in October 1996. In March 1997 Deinonychus signed with young UK label Supernal Music. Their coorporation resulted in the release of the album "Ark of thought" in November 1997. This was the best album from the band sofar, and above all the maturest one…. This album finally established Deinonychus as a seriously taken one-man band. Nevertheless was the coorporation between Supernal Music and the band for a short period, as of promotional reasons.

In the same year (1997) Deinonychus did their first and only live gig, at the Hippodrome in london UK for a sold-out audience, which happened to be a succes for the band, and rose their profile. In the very same year the demo got released on Mcd under the title "After the rain falls…an empty sky remains" by a Mexican label called Guttural records.

In the year 1998 it got somewhat silent about the band, as Marco kehren focused on the German band BETHLEHEM. With whom he did the following items.: "S.U.I.Z.I.D"-cd (released April 1998 on Red Stream)/ "Reflektionen auf's sterben"-MCD (released June 1998 on Red Stream). In BETHLEHEM Marco Kehren took over the vocals from Rainer Landfermann.

In January 1999 Deinonychus signed a deal with Ars Metalli from Germany. Furtheron Deinonychus became a two-man outfit. William Sarginson which is known of his works with CRADLE OF FILTH/DECEMBER MOON/THE BLOOD DIVINE; joined Deinonychus as their permanent drummer. The fourth album simply called "Deinonychus" got recorded in August 1999, just before Marco once again recorded with BETHLEHEM from Germany, which resulted in a Mcd; called "Profane Fettmilch lenzt Elf krank". The album "Deinonychus" got released in May 2000 after a delay of six month's. This album was the heaviest sofar, and very doomy. This album gained the positivest reactions of all Deinonychus-albums, and established the band for all times….

Shortly after the release of the "Deinonychus"-album, the band started to work on their fifth album called "Mournument", and took in Arkdae from the French band DARK SANCTUARY as their permanent Keyboarder. "Mournument" got recorded in Germany during the summer/Autumn of 2000, and is due for release on Ars Metalli in June 2001.

Nowadays Deinonychus is as of said, no one man band anymore, but has grown to a full line up band. Having Marco Kehren (lead/rhythm guitars/bass/vocals), william Sarginson(drums), and Arkdae (keyboards) in the band.

Had Deinonychus been started as a Dutch band, today the band is a combination of Dutch/English/French musicians, haven't mentioned yet that Marco Kehren nowadays lives in Spain.

In 2001 Deinonychus will be back with "Mournument" the 5th and obscurest album sofar. Live gigs are in the planning but not confirmed yet. Furtheron Deinonychus will work on some cover-versions for release next year….. One could ramble on for ages, but what the hell

Official biography 2002