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In 2002 Mortum Necrodementis Pestlord decided to form a band with Lord Azrath Beherot Daemonicum Necromantis.
The first formation of the band was Mortum (guitar, vocals), Azrath (guitar, backing vocals), Morbidvision (Drums).
Later Mortum decide to finish the band because of the lack of dedication from the other band members.
In 2004 Mortum from the ashes of the old band forms Defunct to express his (in)sanity and hate towards humanity (for betraying the ancestors and raping the pagan values), and released the first demo "Angel of Light" (the first 3 tracks were composed originally to old Necrodementis band).

Defunct is a Pagan/National Socialist band, the real objective is cleansing the World of subhumans and return to the ancient glory of paganism, but if is not possible, humanicide is the choice.

Defunct supports suicide, homicide, genocide, humanicide...all that humanity deserves.

Source : http://defunct.no.sapo.pt/