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1997 -2001

Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) is a death metal band. Lyrically the songs are about murder, serial killers, gore, horror, etc. Musically Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) drew from many different sources for its inspiration, death metal obiviously, grindcore, thrash, speed and crust. Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) or when we started calling ourselves this name was Tony Avila (guitar/ vocals), Brad Kobylczak (bass/ vocals) and Dan Van Kuren (drums). Dan quit in 1999 and Dave Phillips joined on drums. For a time Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) had a 2nd guitar player named Josh Lawson (lead guitar). Dave decided he wanted to quit the band. Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) was unable to find another local drummer to fill the position and broke up Eulogy existed from 1997-2000.
Towards the end of Eulogy (the 1st time we quit) our drummer Dave Phillips and myself Tony Avila talked about a new project, a different direction than Eulogy (Sacto, PDX). Metal still but a different style was agreed upon and we started writing the 1st set for World Of Lies.... Eulogy ended the 1st time in 2001.

2005 - 2006

Both Tony Avila and Dave Phillips moved to Portland Oregon around 2005 it was around that time Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) was reanimated. Eulogy (Sacto, PDX) played shows around Portland and broke up again less than a year after reforming, with August (bass).


Eulogy came back to life one more time in 2011 with Tony Avila (vocals/ guitar), Tony Papasadero (bass/ vocals) & Dave Phillips on drums. This line up lasted 6 months before the idea to change the name once and for all was decided on with a few changes to the direction of the band. Musical differences led to Dave Phillips quitting and Pierce Williams being recrutited from Compulsive Slasher on drums.
Dead In A Ditch was suppose to start in 2008, one new song was written in the Eulogy fashion and DESTROYS! The idea got shelved until NOW!!!! Once we Dead In A Ditch finish learning all Eulogy material we have planned we will learn the 1st new Dead In A Ditch song entitled Hemicranectomy.


Record select Eulogy songs from Pre-Demo practice tapes, the Demo Tape, the 7" Vinyl and the Adding Insult To Mortality CD. With the addition of Hemicranectomy we are aiming at 14 tracks. We will record all 14 songs, release a CD and a 7" Vinyl single (+ have extra tracks on the side for splits and or comps) in the next few months. We are currently working with RGP Studios based out of Portland, Oregon for the graphics and recordings.

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