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Biography : Crisalide

Proponents of an aggressive Thrash/Death Metal, the Crisalide have trained full time in nel 1994 Death Metal.
They immediately built a repertoire and original compositions of the first was immediately included in the cd compilation "Area Seismic vol.1", the guitar player Dave "Ian" Valle former X-Hero and the voice of Giuliano Zippo, are enough to guarantee quality.
For "Fire You Raze" impeccably recorded with a Yamaha 8 tracks in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Vicenza, despite all receive substantial support from the critical national enthusiasm the group in a short time you will close 'in the studio recording and publish' the demo debut (well recorded and packaged very well) will include six tracks.

The Italian magazines tributato to Crisalide a frightening similarities with Sepultura thanks to Voice of chivalry Giuliano Zippo Singer charismatic that thanks to his voice scratchy, but always as' melodic creates a 'affinity' song with the legendary Max Cavalera hours of Sepultura Soul Fly, by quoting the articles of,
Metal Shock: The Crisalide are the National Sepultura, thanks to the voice of chivalry Giuliano Zippo.
Thunder: If Crisalide reproduce the same sound in concert, the group Crisalide are not to be missed.
Flash: Se-Sepultura If this is the Crisalide a concentration of power and devastation. Compilation with the "Area Seismic vol.2" give us another piece of extraordinary bill of Crisalide "Pulp Your Brain Out" powerful and well-recorded where Giuliano Zippo surprised by the power PolmoVoice and the melody is literally crumbled from a sound wave devastating , where the riff of Davide Valle penetrate as razor and 'leave no truce.

In 2004, with the entry in the band of guitarist Diego Trestin "MusicMan", the Crisalide make another leap in quality.
With the new sound of Diego Trestin mixed with the Davide Valle playing creates a shock wave sound that distinguish 'the Nymph from other bands. In 2005 a new arrival: bassist Corrado Rossi "Cory", with the new entry the Crisalide are planning a devastating sound and unhealthy.

In 2010 with the arrival of drummer Emanuele Collato "Manu" drummer of the legendary Bulldozer the line-up 'to complete, thanks to the double case and you impertesi rhythms of Manu.
With the full line-up of the Crisalide is ready to record their new album, which will be 'ready for May 2013 and is titled' "Dark Inside". With this review the author 's portal for Corrado Franceschini Power Metal, the new CD single "Insane War": the time is not spent in vain for the Crisalide and this hard driving with a construction of the original chorus and a guitar is released in just leave me optimistic for the future CD.