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In February 2005, three musicians from different scenes got together to create something yet unheard. Cédric Russo, the guitarist and singer, Michi Flückiger on bass guitar, and dex the drum abuser, soon developed a special interaction, which is not about to slow down. CORWEN was born.
Their first album "Im Schatten des Lichts", which was recorded at the Deadend Studio soon after their formation, was discovered by the rather young label "Quam Libet Records" from Lucerne. CORWEN got a record deal with them, and the album is now distributed in Switzerland by "K-Tel". During that time, CORWEN were able to establish themselves as a good live act.
So far, CORWEN has also appeared on four metal samplers, two of which are from Switzerland, one from Germany and one from Italy.
Around the middle of 2006 CORWEN decided to take a time-out in order to compose fresh songs for a new longplayer.
During the year of 2006, the German "Future Clash Media" music agency was trying to find a record label for CORWEN in Germany. Unfortunately without success.
Meanwhile, the band has recorded ten new songs in their own bandroom studio, which can be heard on their new album (2007).
The discreet, but rumbling double bass marks CORWEN's sound as does the neck breaking screams of the singer, the crashing guitar and the booming power of the bass.
CORWEN impress with an energetic stage presence that is sombre as well as excessive, and sometimes violent.
A thunderous stream of lava that spreads faster than the Black Death.

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