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Conqueror was formed in 1992 by Ryan Forster under the name Domini Inferi. In 1994 a promo-tape was recorded and traded in the underground. Shortly after the recording of the '94-demo, Ryan Forster parted ways with the original Domini Inferi line-up and continued the band on his own. Eventually J. Read joined the band and the name was changed to Conqueror. Conqueror play bestial Death-Metal in the Canadian tradition and is inspired by cult Canadian bands such as Slaughter, old Razor and Blasphemy as well as real Death-Metal bands like old Sodom and old Sarcofago.
In 1996 the Antichrist Superiority demo was recorded and released. This demo got the band immediate label interest and a deal was signed to record the War Cult Supremacy debut CD for Evil Omen Records from France, the label that released first Mythos' album Pain Amplifier, Demoniac's first album Prepare For War and new act Stormblade and Enthroned's debut CD Prophecies Of Pagan Fire.

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