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Biography : Catarrhal

Catarrhal moves in the death metal style. Formed by Xavier, Serge and Reb in November 2001 in the small city of Huy, near Liège, in Belgium.
In the beginning, the band was more a fun side-project, but the further things advanced, the more Catarrhal became a real ambitious project ! Catarrhal members have some other musical experiences : Reb is the singer of death metal band Never Light Horizon, plays drums in the band Bursting and was drummer of Devoured and Xhzenat. Xavier and Serge have an experience with Hertogenwald (RIP), a black metal band.

Step by step, Catarrhal became more and more professional and needed to recruit a bass player. They find it with Stephane, guitarist in the band Devoured. In march 2003, a second guitarist came to give more technical aspects in the music of Catarrhal : Stefan, also guitarist in the black metal band Livor Mortis.
In September 2003, Stephane (bass) left the band and another bass player, Gilles, who also plays in Wizardkind is integrated Catarrhal.

The 3rd and 4th of april 2004, Catarrhal recorded a first demo, titled “Beyond Onirism” in the studio “The noise Factory” by Gerald Jans.

In November 2004, Catarrhal played at the final of Concours-Circuit, the biggest band contest of the south part of Belgium, in the Botanique in Brussels.
Catarrhal played more than 50 lives dates and shared the stage with bands like Enthroned, Hate, Natron, In Quest, Kronos, Textures, Suhrim, Zuul FX, Hacride, Pitbulls In The Nursery, Debauchery, Mordagor, Autumn, ...
Catarrhal was also selected by different juries to be present on many compilation like “Face your Underground n°3” (1500 copies), “Concours-Circuit compilation” (1000 copies), “Liege Metal la compile” and “Noz Pagan fanzine compilation”. So we can say that the music of Catarrhal has been spreaded everywhere in Belgium.
Last but not least, Catarrhal reached the third place at the Belgian Metal Underground Contest of the year 2005 !

In 2006, Catarrhal faced the suicide of Gilles, the bass player.

Romain (ex-Gargaryss), a friend, joined the band as new bass player.

In 2007, Catarrhal has recorded is first full lenght album, titled Putressence, out on Rotten To The Core label and recorded at Noise Factory Studios

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