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Cardiant was formed in the year 2000 by Antti Hänninen and Dave Alberti. Next to join were Vesa and Valtteri. After trying out with Janne Iivanainen as the singer, Tuomas Helander took over as the frontman. After a few years, Dave Alberti parted ways with the band, and was replaced by Late, Antti's brother.

Cardiant recorded several demos, before getting a recording deal with Underground Symphony. During the recording of the debut album, Tuomas had severe problems with his voice. As a result, Cardiant was forced to have Janne Saksa as the session singer on the album, and start the search for a new singer.

Summer 2005 saw the end of the search, as Tommi Salmela joined the band. The Tomorrows Daylight -promo was recorder with Tommi on the vocals. Cardiant entered the studio again in the end of year 2006 to record the Illusion Game -promo, but Tommi wasn't able to complete the recordings as he was too busy with his other bands. Janne Saksa took over the vocals again and made an outstanding job. Overall the situation wasn't looking so good as the band was yet again without a singer and the level of activity was very low. It was time to take a few steps back and think wether to continue or not.

As a therapy for all the setbacks, Antti formed a cover band called Semi-Perfect Strangers. The Strangers played plenty of gigs in over the year. Vesa and Valtteri was released from their duties and the Strangers-lineup started to rehearse Cardiant's songs too. The new singer was to be Jarkko Mikkola, a brilliant vocalist from the heart of Hervanta. Late and Antti had found him on bar, singing Perfect Strangers, a couple of months earlier. So the new lineup was almost ready, except that Hannes couldn't join as a full time member as he was so busy with Turisas.

Now the things are looking quite good, we are rehearsing new material and are about to enter the studio in June, so you will be hearing more from us in the near future !

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