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Biography : Camulos

Camulos is a German black metal band that has been signed to Christhunt Productions ever since their foundation. Nazgul (bass, guitars, vocals) has been in several NSBM bands (Calles Kraftschlag and Soldiers Of Freedom) before he founded Camulos. Their first album is entitled "Der Untermensch (Mit Namen Christ)" and this caused them so many problems in Germany that the title and the cover has been banned (for it glorifies the violence against Judeo-Christianity), in Germany the cover/title has been promoted as "Indiziert". The name of Camulos comes from the god of the "Remi" which were a celtic tribe who lived in what we call Belgium today. Other than this Camulos was also the war god of the Celts in anchient north Great-Britain. There is even a town from Essex called after Camulos namely Camulodunum (which today is better known as Colchester).