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Battlelore was first founded in 1996 when it was Jyri's project band. This project worked at a very low level changing name many times without any permanent members, until summer 1998 when Jyri gave up with his main band and concentrated fully on writing his own kind of music under the name Battlelore. Tommi joined the band and Jyri asked his good friend Gorthaur (Horna) to take care of drums. Later when Miika joined Battlelore, the project became a full band.

In Battlelore's first promo-cd "Warrior's Tale", which was recorded in 1999, we had some session musicians for clear vocals and synth. After the first promo recording Patrik joined the band with his mighty singing voice and everybody was pleased. Everything was fine until we realized that Gorthaur didn't have enough time for rehearsing and he was placed by Jyri's brother Henri who has been playing drums for many years and turned out to be a good decision.

In the summer 2000 we went to studio for the second promo-cd "Dark Fantasy". We asked Maria from Elderthrones to play synthesizer and Kaisa from My Sweet Sorrows for female vocals and they appeared as session musicians. Almost right after when "Dark Fantasy" was finished, Maria and Kaisa became a full member. "Dark Fantasy" was sent to record labels around the world and austrian Napalm Records get interested and signed us. That's all for now.

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