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Biography : Ashes You Leave

Formed in 1995 by a handful of doom/gothic enthusiasts, Ashes You Leave create music for those silent moments in life and are considered to be the best companion for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The years folowing the debut 1995, proved that people showed a great deal of interest for a music genre that was slowly fading away. While doom/gothic representative bands either split up or sold out, Ashes You Leave released their first album, "The Passage Back To Life", a collection of seven doom/gothic songs mixed with an ethereal element. The reactions were great since most people thought it was curtains for the genre.
1999. saw "Desperate Existence", Ashes You Leave"s second album coming out, combining the d/g feeling with an atmospheric element, slightly presented in a different manner. The third album, "The Inheritance of Sin And Shame" was released in 2000. and gathered quite a lot of praises for the band"s own voice finding.