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Biography : Angel Witch

The band Angel Witch was first formed in England in 1978 by Kevin Heybourne. Angel Witch was one of the original NWOBHM bands. The original AngelWitch line up was Kevin Heybourne on vocals and guitar, Kevin Riddles on Bass and Dave Hogg on drums.

Angel Witch influenced bands such as Metallica and Megadeth just to mention a few. AngelWitch often shared the bill with Iron Maiden during the early days of the NWOBHM and EMI signed both bands.

AngelWitch released the "Sweet Danger" single on 7" and 12" in 1980. The band then shared the Bronze Record label with Motorhead and released a once in a decade classic "Angel Witch" in 1980 and then the EP "Loser" in 1981.

Kevin Heybourne put together a new line up Kevin Heybourne on guitar and vocals, Pete Gordelier on bass, and Spencer Hollman on drums, and recorded two more albums "Screamin' 'n' Bleedin'" in 1986 and "Frontal Assault" in 1987 on Killerwatt

In 1990 Metal Blade released a live Angel Witch album. At the same time AngelWitch while re-located in San Francisco went into Prairie Sun Studio's and recorded a 3 song Demo with a new line up, Kevin Heybourne on vocals and guitar, Jon Torres on bass, and Tom Hunting on drums. Before the Demo could be released, Kevin Heybourne was deported back to England the Demo still sits in the vaults of Prairie Sun.

Ever since, Kevin Heybourne and Jon Torres sent tapes back and forth never giving up the love of AngelWitch as a project and continued to write music together.

In 1997 Jon Torres went to England, after many efforts to get Kevin back in to the States to record. Kevin and Jon went into a small studio in England and recorded a 3 song Demo called they called "Resurrection". Later the band decided to add some long lost recordings never before released on the “Resurrection” CD and released it all on their own web site. After an over whelming amount of e-mails of support from fans all over the world and all the interest in the Resurrection CD in 1999, Angel Witch decided to reform to do shows and a new album.

In 1999 Castle Communications re- released all of Angel Witch's classics which is on the market today. Angel Witch also signed a deal with another company to soon release a re-mixed version of the Angel Witch classics. Angel Witch is now working on new material and a tour of Europe, Japan and the US. Resurrection was released in 1999 by Angel Witch Productions associated with Relentless Records, then put out by Crook'd Records, then bootlegged by Zoom Club and Mausoleum Records.

The AngelWitch of the 90's, was a combined effort of Kevin Heybourne, founder, and Jon Torres, working with producer Myk Taylor and contributing song writer and manager Tambre Bryant.

In 2003, Angel Witch regrouped with the line-up Kevin Heybourne, Jon Torres, Lee Altus, and Darren Minter and played Bang Your Head Festival, as well as a few other shows in Europe.

Source : www.relentless-records.us/angel-witch.net.htm