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传记 : Andre Andersen

Andre Andersen - composer / producer / multi-instrumentalist - started his "music life" at very young age and went the whole circle through studio sessions, live performances and literally anything in between, establishing a remarkable carrier which is still evolving, bringing him to every aspect, every corner of music industry. As the main songwriter/keyboard player with the internationally acclaimed, high profile rock outfit ROYAL HUNT, with which he produced about a dozen albums (approx. sales 1000000) and toured for years (and still does) in every corner of the entire world, collecting titles as "The Best Keyboard Player-,Producer-,Songwriter- of the Year" in various related publications. Besides his work with ROYAL HUNT, Andre released a few very successful solo albums, ranging from rock to contemporary classical - all released world wide, all receiving rave reviews and showing impressive sales. Andre does a lot of session work : PRIME TIME, LINK WRAY, NARITA, PRETTY MAIDS, CORNERSTONE - just to mention a few. His skills as a keyboard player /arranger secured him a steady flow of calls. Being an experienced producer, Andre works constantly in his very own, fully professional recording studio, creating TV-, radio spots, film music and signature themes for various artists and organizations - UniBank, WWF, Wood Bell Corp., Nintendo, SONY PlayStation etc. His single -"CRASH"- is still the most popular one in the "sports category" in Japan (used by Japanese Wrestling Federation). Working closely with his publishing company - WARNER CHAPPELL GROUP - he managed to get his music used in countless TV programs and a couple of films. Andre is a perfect example of a dedicated and passionate multi-talent, expanding and crafting his skills from project to project, rapidly gaining respect and admiration from his ever growing army of fans as well as from his peers and other professionals (Source: Official Site)