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Biografia : Anasazi

Anasazi is a progressive-metal band formed in France in 2003.

In the words of the band's founder, Mathieu Madani, "the story of Anasazi began the day I saw the last episode of the 'X-files', season 2. It was in 1995 I believe, this episode was entitled “anasazi” which meant in the old Navajo language: 'the ancient ones'."

Anasazi the band started after a meeting of Madani and Frederic Thévenet in October 2003. After Madani finished that day's Thevenet's son's guitar lessons, both musicians picked up their instruments and played together like they used to do. Then, in February 2004, Fred asked Mathieu to create two songs with him for his birthday in May.

They immediately began to work on the creation of 2 pieces, “My lost world” and “Shattered” and with the first bars of what would become “Innocence ending”. At that time, Madine proposed Thevenet to make a concept-song, a story which would proceed on several songs. “At the end of my new world (Part I)” was born…

The songs were finished by May 23rd and recorded thereafter. "All that just for fun, without any ulterior motive."

At the end of May, Madani and Thevenet burnt 10 CDs to be distributed to the latter's friends. Madine created a small sleeve with a small booklet for the ocassion.

Facing much enthusiasm from our listeners, they decided to have a circulation of 100 more and feedbacks were positive. "People who knew [Anasazi]'s music adhered easily to our small universe and those who discovered progressive metal were carried away by emotions."

At the beginning of 2005, Madani and Thevenet tackled a new album. This time around it was decided it would not be a concept-song, but a true album with songs. Later on, ANASAZI was on the Internet, with “The principles of hate”. For this album, Christophe Blanc-Tailleur joined Anasazi as a bass player and brought music through computer and all its possibilities.

Since then, Anasazi has released two more albums: "3 From The Left" in 2007 and "Origin(s)" in 2008.

Anasazi plays a very unique mixture of progressive rock, metal, with strong pop influences.

Source : http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=4047