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Biography : Adem

Adem was one of the first thrash metal bands to emerge from Kiev, Ukraine. They were pioneers of the style in the Ukraine and former USSR in the middle of 1980's.
Adem was formed in 1985 by founding members Yuri Fedoretenko(guitar) and Victor Loukianov (bas guitar), later joined by the drummer Simon Rymar, and second guitar Vladimir Stetsenko. At the end of 1986 the group line-up was changed - Yuri Fedoretenko and Vladimir Stetsenko were replaced by Igor Shilin (guitar, vocals), and Vadim Virvalsky (second guitar).

Adem recorded two studio albums: "Time of Maddness" (1988), and "Golgotha" (1989)

The band was well received on their first tour around Ukraine and Russia in 1987. The next tour to Rock Festival "Drama" in Gdansk (Poland) took place in 1989.

In 1990 the group's line-up changed again. Igor Shilin, Simon Rymar, and Vadim Virvalsky left the band, and were replaced by Andrey Antonenko (guitars, vocal), and Yarik (drums). The new album "" was relased in 1996. Adem stopped touring and recording sometime in 1997.

In 2003 ex-drummer Simon Rymar collected and restored previously recorded albums "Times of Maddness" and "Gogotha" at the Backstage studio (USA). The materials were used by Moon Records Studio recording company to release these two albums in the Ukraine in 2004.

New album "The Souls of Agression" was released in 2005. It includes best songs from the previous years.

Adem's music is still alive, and remebered by fans of thrash metal.

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