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40 Below Summer is a five-piece Hard rock/Alternative metal music group from New Jersey, USA.

Formed in 1998, 40 Below Summer came together after drummer and Peruvian native Carlos Aguilar met with singer Max Illidge. Joey D'Amico later joined the duet, followed by Jordan Plingos and Puerto Rican-born Hector Graziani. Their first album Side Show Freaks (1999) and EP Rain (2000) were self released.

Eventually, a deal was signed with London-Sire Records. Their debut major label album Invitation to the Dance was released on October 16, 2001, and was produced by GGGarth. Two months after its release, London-Sire went out of business due to a corporate merger. The album was subsequently re-issued through Warner Music.

After performing on the Jägermeister Music Tour with Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber and Ill Niño, they started to write material for their second album. While the band started writing almost immediately after the release of their previous album, they threw out some fifteen songs before coming up with twenty one that they reduced down to the final ten (plus a bonus track, "The Day I Died").

Unsigned at this point, Razor & Tie Records saw the band in February 2003 when they played in New York with E.Town Concrete. A deal was signed in June just as the band entered the studio. The band would later strike a licensing deal with Roadrunner Records for the album's UK release.

Their second album The Mourning After was released on October 28, 2003. Two singles were released from the album in "Self-Medicate" and "Taxi Cab Confession". The video for the former received a fair amount of airplay on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball. The band negotiated a release from their contract in 2004. Not long after this Jordan was replaced by Ty Fury & Carlos left soon after. The band then recruited Ryan Juhrs (formerly of Flaw) & Ali Nassar. After playing 2 shows under the 40 moniker, they decided to rename the project Black Market Hero.

Despite breaking up, 40 Below Summer released The Last Dance on October 31, 2006 via Crash Music Inc. The album features nine demo versions of songs intended for their third LP, as well as a bonus DVD featuring footage of the band's "last" performance at the Starland Ballroom (September 2005). The album sold 1,095 copies during its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.[1]

In October of 2006, there was speculation that the band had reunited. This was later dismissed by guitarist Joey D'Amico who stated that the band was just going to do a few shows to promote the release of The Last Dance. However, D'Amico also stated that there was a possibility that 40 Below Summer would record a new album in the future.

The band filmed a music video for the single "Relapse" with director Michael Saladino.

In a radio interview with All Knowing Force, Illidge stated that he expected 40 Below Summer would tour and play 5-10 shows a year. Although his main priority is with his new project Black Market Hero, he didn't rule out the possibility of the band one day recording another album.

The band has re-issued their independently released EP Rain with seven bonus tracks on July 31, 2007 via Crash Music. In addition to the five songs originally released, seven demo tracks have also be included, as well as all new cover artwork. Sideshow Freaks will be re-released next, according to a recent post that Max made on the band's forums, it should be out in early 2008.

On a recent myspace bulletin post, 40 Below Summer posted an image that assured that Sideshow Freaks is coming soon. This release, like their two previous releases will be released via Crash Music.

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