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Wecamewithbrokenteeth We're Packing, Are You
Album, Released date : 2006 - SOA Records
Style: Grind Electro

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RATING : 11/20
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1. Intro
2. Alantis
3. Eat Babies N' Shit
4. Ripping Off Your Mothers Head
5. Bitch Please I'm a Ninja
6. We Call Him It
7. Lego
8. Eww Nigga You Smell Like French Fries
9. Axe to the Face
10. OPPD
11. What?
12. Panic!
13. Crack Head
14. 1 by 1
15. Straight Hate
16. Gutted
17. Time Out.
18. Kick Yo Face Off
19. Burning Flesh
20. Ripping Teeth
21. High Explosive Grenade in Your Rectum

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