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Band's list Metal Vagabond (GER) Thunderbolt
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 28 April 2012 - Self-Released
Style: Metal

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Bewertung : 18/20
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1. Arrival of the Vagabonds
2. Vagabonds of Doom
3. Thunderbolt
4. Barely alive
5. Pride of creation
6. Berserk Rage
7. Back in the Stone Age
8. Don't sleep
9. King of the Road
10. Final Destination

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2 ratings 1 18/20

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17 / 20
    SOSGermany, Sonntag 27 Mai 2012 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
You should hit the road..... now!

What is the similarity between bands like Vagabond, Eisregen, Gernotshagen and Macbeth? Alright all of these bands come originally out of Thuringia. This is the evidence: The reaper is a German guy, exactly as the reaper comes from Thuringia.

Thunderbolt is Vagabond's second full-length release after their debut album called Ignition. Thunderbolt includes ten brand new tracks all recorded at Klangbunker Studio in Zella-Mehlis. Klangbunker Studio is originally founded by the German band XIV Dark Centuries. Producer was Michael Jung. All lyrics were written by singer Warhead Werned.

The album starts with the instrumental "Arrival Of The Vagabonds" which goes into the second song "Vagabonds of Doom" fluently. The sound reminds me to the German metal band Rage while the vocals of Warhead Werner sound very similar to Steppenwolf. Especially the ninth track "King Of The Road" remembers me to "Born To Be Wild". But I think it is solid following album for Ignition. The band made a long step forward. There is a lot of potential in this 4-year-old band based in Meiningen. Maybe they should start touring to get more success. They have experience: They played with bands like Gernotshagen, Trollfest, Witchburner, Excrementory Grindfuckers and even played at the German version of Metalfest in 2011. Now it is the right time to hit the road and start touring. It doesn't matter if they tour a headline or a support tour.

All in all Thunderbolt is a good release with some highlights and even some little mistakes also. I´m really excited about what the band will do next but these guys need to be explored. You won´t be disappointed.

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