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Band's list Unblack VIXIVI Death Circus
Album, Released date : 14 October 2003 - Self-Produced
Style: Unblack

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RATING : 20/20
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1. Vixivisich Igmazest
2. Spirits
3. In Memorian
4. Scars of All
5. Winds
6. Your Eyes
7. My Dear
8. For the Sun Shall Fall
9. Scream
10. Child
11. Igmazestich Ivixiv

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1 ratings 2 20/20
20 / 20
    zhay777, Saturday 03 March 2012 Talk to your friends  
Act Of Pure Greatness

There are many black metal sub-genres, for example: symphonic black metal, melodic black metal, atmospheric black metal and etc. I think that VIXIVI with this album established new sub-genre, called Scary Black Metal, because it really scares.

It's really pity, that album lasts only 17 minutes, but this 17 minutes are minutes of nightmares and pleasure. From the first track, 'Vixivisich Igmazest', we can understand how original album is this. This is scary sound from horror films and there is strange voice, saying 'Welcome', while you realize what is waiting here, in 'Death Circus'.

In this album are many fillers. They are mainly to make atmosphere of horror and death. Unfortunately, songs are very short here, but it's really enough. Guitars have most brutal tuning and are played on first string, sometimes second string can be used. It's lamentable that there aren't guitar solos, but through, they are not necessary. Bass is always in the mix and plays main riffs along with guitars. But in some songs I could hear some riffs, which were played only by bass, I think it makes more diversity.

Mostly I was interested in drums. They are not typical for black metal, they are really killer. Here drumming has very big tempo. I wonder, how Snare didn't break. Along with Snare, Crushes give songs more brutality. It seems, while drumming, Zestigma was changing Hihats several times. I thought that there is drumming machine for a while.

Also, without keyboards, this album would be nothing. It plays mainly in the first scale, sometimes in second, but in the song 'Your Eyes', it reaches third scale too. Also keyboards play melody that really scares. For example: songs 'Spirits' and 'Child' remind me some horror movies and I always, when I hear them, think, why there isn't a horror film, called 'Death Circus'.

Vocals here are very strong too. Along with typical black metal rasp, you can hear some death metal growls and some female clear vocals (in the track 'Scars Of All'). To make this album more scary, it was machined on computer, so you can hear it's trace. I always say, that what is made on computer, this is not music, but in this situation, it is so awesome, that I will sin, if I say that it shouldn't be machined on computer.

When I listened to this album at first time, I thought that it was a soundtrack album for a horror movie. Now I wonder, why not? If someone uses this songs in his horror movie, this movie will have an award.

Normally, when I like album, I suggest everyone to listen to it, but in this situation, I don't suggest trying this album to people with weak nerves, they only will not survive!

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    OneMetalheadInBuiding, Wednesday 29 June 2011 Talk to your friends  
Scary Black Metal

Althrough, there are many black metal genres: symphonic black metal, melodic black metal, atmospheric black metal, depressive black metal, but I think that VIXIVI is pioneer of a new genre, Scary Black Metal, because I almost pissed my pants while I was listening to it.

At first, I thought that this album is next banal symphonic black metal, with nothing new, but when I listened to it second time, I almost saw ghost, I couldn't listen to it till the end and I listened when night ended and sun stood up.

I'm practicing making movies and I can openly say, that if I make scary movie, I will call it "Death Circus" and use this album as soundtrack album and I will get award as "best scary movie."

I wouldn't recommend this album to nervous people, especially the track "Your Eyes," because I'm not a scary man, but even I can't listen to it on high volume in midnight. The track "Spirits" is the track, when ghosts started to haunt me, and my bones are moving when I hear piano part.

The track "Scars of all," maybe the best track in the album, 100% awesome, without any non-needed lyrics, which destroyes many songs of many other bands. I love part when women scream "see the scars of all" and when men start speech.

The track "Child" is breaking me from inside, whole perfectness, which has no need to my words.

The track "My Dear" also needs no words, because I can't say anything, this song can't be described, you must only shut up and listen, although you can't talk while listening, because it cuts the tongue off.

When I Was listening to this album, I had doubts, if VIXIVI was really christian, but is he christian or not, the album is future classic !!!

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