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Band's list Post Hardcore Urma Sellinger Live Laugh Love
EP, Erscheinungsdatum : 06 August 2010 - Lunatic Music
Produced by : Matt Hyde
Style: Post Hardcore

Bewertung : 15/20
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1. Far from Sandra
2. Good Times
3. Rise to the Challenges That Life Presents You

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1 ratings 1 15/20

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15 / 20
    SOSGermany, Sonntag 26 Juni 2011 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
There is a new band coming up to hit the ground

Live Laugh Love is Urma Sellinger's debut record. The 6-piece Post hardcore outfit from Sweden's capital Stockholm recorded the 3-track-EP together with the Swedish Independent record label Lunatic Music and producer Matt Hyde who worked together with bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Gallows, Funeral For A Friend, Slipknot and Architects. In an interview with Swedish newspaper Västerviks Tidningen Olle Johansson explained that Hyde saw a lot of potential in the band. That was the reason why he worked together with the band.

Urma Sellinger is a upcoming act which shared stage with bands like Enter Shikari, The Ghost Inside, All Ends and Tek-One. This release ranked on #1 place for the most listened music on MySpace in their homecountry Sweden.

The band entered Check In Music competition with their song Far from Sandra which is included on this EP. The winner of that contest was signed to Universal Music Records for one album. The song reached place 7 in this competition.

My absolute favorite track is Far from Sandra. It handles about a broken behaviour with a girl called Sandra. I like it because I had some broken behaviours too so I'm able to feel with the protagonist. This song shows also that music is a way to speak with the heart like writing, speaking, drawing a.s.o. For my opinion music shall come from the heart to show the full emotion in it.

The both other songs are okay but they can't reach and hit Far from Sandra. The cover shows a fist with pink-coloured fingernails in front of a hi-fi system.

At the moment Urma Sellinger is recording their debut full length album together with Matt Hyde again in Gävle. Get stoked: There is a new band coming up to hit the ground!

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