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Black Metal Totale Vernichtung Feuerbestattung
Album, Released date : September 2012 - Darker Than Black Records
Style: Black Metal

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RATING : 18/20
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Digipack limited to 444 copies.
1. Ein Blitz Kommt Selten Allein
2. Die Stacheldrahtzieher
3. Auf Stillgelegten Gleisen
4. Das Blaue Wunder
5. Feuerbestattung
6. Blick aus dem Wachturm
7. Missionarische Soldaten
8. Der Verheerende Zyklon

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1 ratings 1 18/20
18 / 20
    winterdemon, Tuesday 29 January 2013 Talk to your friends  
Fast and melodic Black Metal made in Austria

Totale Vernichtung is an Austrian Black Metal Band and it's a one-man project from the guy called Antimessiah he founded the Band 2006 in the capital city of Austria, Vienna. Feuerbestattung is the first full-length Album and was released in 2012 by the german label Darker than Black and it is also limited to a 444 copies digital version with T-Shirt and Patch.

Totale Vernichtung what means in english Total Destruction is not like each Black Metal Band the Band has his own special sound it is very agressive and has a little bit melodic influences. You hear the melodic influences in the first Song of Feuerbestattung: Ein Blitz kommt selten allein is a fast and melodic powerful Track with an unforgettable chorus. In this Song you hear the unmistakable sound from Darkthrone's masterpiece A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Many people say that Totale Vernichtung is a NSBM Band but that isn't true because Antimessiah said that the people don't understand because he never said that he honor the violent crimes of the 3rd Reich he is just sing about that topic just like other mainstream Bands like Endstille, Marduk and Eastern Front and many more.

The next awesome Track on this Album is the title song itself. Feuerbestattung means in english just simple Cremation this fifth Track is very simple and clever thoughtful and at the other sid it is very raw and brutal and very very fast.

Totale Vernichtung is a very young and good band and I am sure that this Band has much potential and I am also sure that was not the last of Totale Vernichtung what we heard then Antimessiah has announced that he maybe want to release the rare four demos from 2006 at one CD. Totale Vernichtung is the perfect Band for me to show you the new main Band of the Agressive Wave of Austrian Black Metal to their also belong many other Austrian Black Metal Bands like Kringa, Walpurgi, and of course Grimthorn and at last I do give this Album 18 of 20 points and I hope and I think this is sure gone a milestone in Austrian Undergraound Black Metal.

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