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Band's list Brutal Death Black Throneum Deathcult Conspiracy
Album, Released date : 12 October 2009 - Pagan Records / Rawblackult Productions
Style: Brutal Death Black

RATING : 14/20
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1. Abyss of the Underground 03:55
2. Fatal Resurrection 04:34
3. Bloody Sacifice for the Morning Star 02:48
4. Rituals of Fire and Sulphur 02:28
5. The Devil's Oath 01:52
6. His Shadow 05:04
7. Wizzard's Testimony 03:33
8. Necroworld Storms 02:08
9. Stone Faces of Ungods 03:51
Total playing time 30:13

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4 ratings 1 14/20
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