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Band's list Symphonic Heavy Therion (SWE) Gothic Kabbalah
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 12 Januar 2007 - Nuclear Blast
Style: Symphonic Heavy

Bewertung SOM : 15/20
Allen Bewertungen : 17/20 Um eine Bewertung für das Album abzugeben mußt Du eingeloggt sein
1. Der Mitternachtlöwe 05:38
2. The Gothic Kabbalah 04:34
3. The Perrennial Sophia 04:54
4. Wisdom and the Cage 05:02
5. Son of the Staves of Time 04:48
6. Tuna 1613 04:23
7. Trul 05:11
8. Close Up the Streams 03:55
1. The Wand of Abaris 05:52
2. Three Treasures 05:21
3. Path to Arcady 03:55
4. TOF - The Trinity 06:18
5. Chain of Minerva 05:21
6. The Falling Stone 04:46
7. Adulruna Rediviva 13:37
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
8. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx (Live)
9. To Mega Therion (Live)
Bonustracks (Mexican Release)
8. Quetzalcoatl (Live) 03:39
9. Wine of Alugah (Live) 04:47
Total playing time 1:23:35

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131 ratings 5 17/20

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    Vinrock666, Sonntag 13 Juli 2008 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
Gothic Kabbalah - Therion (pt.1)

As overtly full bodied as Therion's 2007 LP "Gothic Kabbalah" is, so much can add up to a lack of focus, direction, and theme.

"Wisdom And The Cage", the best song on the first disc, proves the counterpoint by having a driving rhythm and a pointed chorus with musical embellishments kept to a minimum.
Even the vocals (male on the verses, female on the chorus) stay with the tune rather orderly.
"Son Of The Staves Of Time" is another great song that benefits from the operatic female vocal lines highlighted by keeping the background rhythm section on the down low.
Lastly, "Tuna 1613" starts heavy and stays heavy throughout due to minimum amount of movements within the song, making it quite a piece of metal work.

The rest of Disc 1 ; however, doesn't fare that well.

The first two tracks are muddled and without direction, the last two are slow and devoid of any musical meaning. Lyrically, you would have to be a nerd to enjoy any of what they're talking about. That statement isn't intended to insult the band ; the point being made is merely that unless you're into runes, you're going to feel disconnected. Still, from a musical standpoint, there's plenty here to latch on to, for the scope of Therion's range is undoubtedly boundless.
The amount of bells and whistles throughout the songs are aplenty and the musicianship is obviously top notch, too. There's just simply way too many cooks for this pot of metal stew, which makes the first disc of "Gothic Kabbalah" less than its desired intention.

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    Vinrock666, Montag 28 Juli 2008 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
Gothic Kabbalah - Therion (pt.2)

The second disc of Therion's 2007 release "Gothic Kabbalah" features even less of an overall musical direction than the first disc, save for perhaps "Adulruna Rediviva", "The Wand of Abaris" and "The Chain of Minerva".
The latter two songs are very concise in conposition (with a successful blending of many elements of symphonic sound).
Unfortunately, the level of metal is very low, and as in the case of most of the other tracks, almost non-existent. As mentioned in the review of the first part, the hard and heavy parts here seem to lose its place and relevance when put up against the various plush parts… because of the overwhelming number of contributing artists stirring this musical concoction.
It's actually quite amazing how, with so much going on, the end result is rather flat. The vocal patterns show this point best. All of the male vocals are weak, unimpressive, and annoying. As beautiful as the female voices are, they appear mostly for their own sake - not for the song.

The afformentioned songs are the exception, of course, especially in the case of "Adulruna Rediviva" (if not the masterpiece of Gothic Kabbalah then, at least, the best song on disc two).
In fact, "Adulruna" features it all - every voice, every musician, every instrument, and every sound. It also features an insane amount of movements throughout its eleven-plus minute time frame. Alone, it highlights what's great about Therion. Placed with the rest of the second disc, it also validates the phrase "too much".

It's for this reason that, although quite good in scope and magnitude, "Gothic Kabbalah" thus encompasses "too much" of everything for the album to be considered great !

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