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Liste des groupes Deathcore The Acacia Strain The Dead Walk
Album, date de parution : 13 Juin 2006 - Prosthetic Records
Produit par : Adam Dutkiewicz
Style: Deathcore
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NOTE : 15/20
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1. Sarin: the End 00:28
2. Burnface 02:33
3. 4X4 02:25
4. As if Set Afire 03:14
5. Angry Mob Justice 02:50
6. Whoa! Shut It Down 02:58
7. See You Next Tuesday (ft. Mike McTernan of Damnation AD) 03:15
8. Demolishor 03:11
9. Pity 03:45
10. Predator: Never Prey (ft. Phil Labonte of All That Remains, Keith Holuk of Ligeia, Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, Nate Johnson of Premonitions Of War, and Lou Tanuis of Conducting From The Grave) 03:31
11. The Dead Walk (ft. Rusty Asunder of Torn Asunder) 03:47
Total playing time 31:57

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15 avis 1 15/20

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12 / 20
    LeviathanIsGodofMeta, Jeudi 05 Fevrier 2009 parlez-en à vos amis  
In my reviews, I enjoy doing track breakdowns. I enjoy writing them, because when reading reviews, I find them quite helpful in aiding to understand an album. But in my review of The Acacia Strain's album, The Dead Walk, you'll find no such breakdown (though the album is littered with breakdowns). The reason for this is that all the songs sort of flow together, and only a handful are memorable.

In fact, only three tracks (out of eleven) are worth mentioning at all. "Burnface" is an interesting opening track with it's oddly timed rhythms and offbeat riffing. It's still not up to snuff with the songs on 3750, though. "4X4" is the only song that would be proud to stand on that album. It's more traditional for The Acacia Strain, but it's southern-rock riffing style is cool and it flows well. It's opening lyric is awesome as well: "If I were you/I'd pack my bags/And get the f*** out of Dodge".

The only other track that stands out on this album is "The Dead Walk". And it is really just a better version of "Burnface": It uses the same type of note-bending riffs, the same type of one-note interludes, and the same type of offbeat rhythms. Bonus points for a cute little solo in the middle of the song.

Perhaps I've been overly critical, as this release is leaps and bounds above most of the rest of the deathcore genre. The problem is that The Dead Walk's predecessor and successor are much better albums. Because we know the band can do so much better, it's a colossal disappointment. To be fair, the album does away with the rubbish interludes of 3750, but the songs on that album were better. And in the end, would you rather have an album with awesome songs and a couple crappy interludes, or an album with no interludes and only a couple good songs? I'd take the former, personally. If you are looking to get into The Acacia Strain, I'd start with Continent or 3750, as they'll give you better impressions of the band. If you're a fan, this is entertaining, but prepare to be disappointed with the overall package: This is nothing compared to 3750 or Continent.

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