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Band's list Nu Metal System Of A Down Hypnotize
Album, Released date : 22 November 2005 - American Recordings / Columbia Records
Produced by : Rubin Rick, Recorded at : The Mansion
Style: Nu Metal

RATING : 16/20
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1. Attack 03:06
2. Dreaming 03:59
3. Kill Rock 'n' Roll 02:28
4. Hypnotize 03:09
5. Stealing Society 02:58
6. Tentative 03:36
7. U-Fig 02:55
8. Holy Mountains 05:28
9. Vicinity of Obscenity 02:51
10. She's Like Heroin 02:44
11. Lonely Day 02:47
12. Soldier Side 03:40
Total playing time 39:46

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289 ratings 4 16/20
    nicmas, Thursday 13 January 2011 Talk to your friends  
Amazing !

I am a big fan of System of a Down and I have loved every single album they have made and this is no exception. Every song in this song is truly amazing. System of a Down display a variety of genres, obviously mainly Nu Metal but oddly enough they also display a large amount of randomness especially in the song 'Vicinity of Obscenity', where the main three words are: Banana, Terracotta and pie. Imagine these words being sung repeatedly for almost 20 seconds for about four times. You'd tell me it was stupid, but mixed with Daron Malakian's guitar playing, Shavo Odajian's bass, John Dolmayan's drums and finally Serj Tankian's excellent vocals, you'd say it's genius, like the rest of the album

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